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If you have been diagnosed with kidney disease it means you have some damage to your kidneys. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the term used by medical professionals. The word “chronic” means it is a long term problem and will not get better straight away. Your kidneys may continue to work, but if they get worse you will then have kidney failure.

For more details about this you can read an article on the NKF website:

What is kidney disease | National Kidney Federation






This short video explains how your kidneys work




What you eat can play a part in managing your kidney health. You may be referred to a dietitian to give you advice on your own personal circumstances.

The renal dietitians at Sheffield Teaching hospitals have produced a series of leaflets covering different aspects of healthy eating for people with kidney disease.


See Food and Diet Page for more details




As your kidney function deteriorates, you may be faced with a choice of treatments for CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). These include a kidney transplant or one of various types of dialysis.

SAKA does not offer medical advice, but we have brought together some information which may help you to understand a bit more of what is available to you and may help you towards making a decision about your future treatment.


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals produce a range of leaflets covering many aspects of kidney disease and care. To see the list and download leaflets:

Click here.


NKF (National Kidney Federation) provide help for kidney patients via a telephone helpline, and by a series of leaflets which can be read on line or downloaded:

Click here for details.



SAKA has funded a series of short videos to be used for renal patients at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. 

Click on the links below to view these.







Chronic Kidney Disease explained is a website set up by two experienced consultant nephrologists. It explains how kidneys work and how to get the best possible care.






Kidney Beam is an online service to help kidney patients with their physical and mental health. It helps people with kidney disease to feel good through movement, education and wellbeing support.

 To visit the site click : Beam Feel Good


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