Here is the statement from the Trustees:.

Our main concern is the safety of all our participants, their families and friends and the numerous volunteers and employees who support the Transplant Games, many of whom work within the NHS.


In light of the evolving Coronavirus pandemic the Department of Health issued specific guidance to high risk groups including organ transplant, stem cell transplant recipients, and dialysis patients over the weekend. The advice is to stay at home, self-isolate and practice social distancing until at least late June 2020. We believe these measures may be extended beyond this time frame and recognise that it is clear that this pandemic will last for several months.

We have therefore taken the decision to postpone the British Transplant Games this year as well as all Transplant Sport events until the end of September 2020. This decision has the full support of all stakeholders and partners of the Games.

The decision on the timing of any future TS events will depend upon the impact and duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We ask all the TS Family to follow the Department of Health guidance mentioned earlier and stay safe and well.



The 43 rd Westfield Health British Transplant Games will be held in Coventry in the historic county of Warwickshire

from 30 July to 2 August 2020.

There are many outstanding facilities being used for the events including Warwick University's £49 million Sports and Wellness Hub.


The Sheffield Adult Transplant Games team consists of people of all ages who take part in various different events. The competitors include transplant patients and live donors.


The Games are a great way to meet others from all over the UK who have been through similar experiences and to make new friends. The atmosphere makes the participants feel like part of an extended family, and everyone is made to feel very welcome. There are social events as well as the sports.


There are events to suit everyone, regardless of age or capability, including:

Golf, Archery, Ten pin bowling, Snooker, Badminton, Track and field events, Cycling, Swimming, Football, Darts, Bowls, Tennis, Volleyball, Squash, Table tennis.



If you are interested in taking part in any future Games, or if you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact Charlotte, the Sheffield Adult Team Manager.

You don't have to be super sporty. It is more the chance to have an enjoyable time, to say thank you for your gift of life and to show that you can be fit and well after a transplant.




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Congratulations to the Sheffield Adult Transplant Games Team


The 2019 BRITISH TRANSPLANT GAMES was held in Newport, 25 - 29 JULY


The Sheffield team of 11 competitors won 9 medals, and also received 5 medals for the 5k Donor Run.


They all really enjoyed it and appreciated that they are all fit enough to attend and take part in their chosen event, with the chance to say thankyou. 

The gala dinner was lovely with entertainment from the Valli Boys UK. 







The 2018 British Transplant Games took place in Birmingham from the 2nd to 5th August. 

The games are a way of saying thankyou to the donor families and showing what life is like after a transplant.

Sheffield sent a small team to the Games, including ;

4 people in the ten pin bowling who won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal.

1 person in 2 cycling events and he won gold in both events.

3 people in the 5k walk and won 1 silver medal.

The team also took part in archery,snooker,golf and the mini marathon.




The British Transpant Games is the flagship event of Transplant Sport. The event aims to demonstrate the benefits of transplantation whilst increasing public awareness of the need for more people to join the NHS Organ Donation Register. The Games bring together the transplant community to celebrate the gift of life and have been staged annually since 1978 in different cities across the UK.



Athletes from Sheffield regularly take part in both the British and World Transplant Games. There has been a Sheffield Transplant Team attending the British Transplant Games for at least the past twenty-five years!


SAKA is proud to provide financial and other assistance to the Sheffield Team.



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